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You are not broken you are breaking through.

Treatment Philosophy

I believe every person has the ability to connect with their own inner compass and find purpose and hope. My goal is to offer a safe and supportive environment where you can share your story, and find your path to move forward with peace.

- Andrea


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Are you having difficulty navigating life transitions and grief? Do you struggle with letting go of the past and moving forward? You may be fed up with anxiety affecting your decisions and your sleep, feeling overwhelmed or stuck. You might not even remember a time when things didn’t feel this way. But one thing is for sure: you’re ready for some relief. You’re ready to navigate changes as they come. You’re ready to learn new tools and create new strengths. Most of all, you’re ready to find joy, discover purpose, and know peace.

Clients come to me looking for a therapist who is ready to hear your story and to help you connect with your own inner compass, let go, and find hope. Therapy should be a place where you feel safety and acceptance. Sessions with me are supportive and productive, and we always go at your pace- never pushing to a place you don’t feel ready to be.

As a 21 year military spouse, mother of 5, and survivor of depression, anxiety, divorce, and loss, I have navigated many transitions. I believe that every person has the ability to move forward with purpose and clarity. You don’t have to continue feeling anxious or stuck, and you don’t have to do it alone. Call or email to schedule a free consultation.

Andrea Garn, LCSW

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Andrea Garn, LCSW, has been a supporter and participant in Big Ocean Women for 7 years. She is trained in trauma and EMDR therapy, Internal Family Systems, and specializes in supporting periods of transition in hospice care and as a licensed birth doula. She believes finding our inner compass is the way to heal ourselves, our families, and the world.

“That’s what we want most, isn’t it? As moms is that our kids find their compass and find their connection with love.”

“Grace and I felt like this really goes along with finding your inner compass because it’s hard to listen to what your body is telling you when there’s dissociation, when there’s trauma. It takes more practice and more love to get those answers.”

“Everything is a system. You know, the universe is a system, our society, our family, and inside of ourselves. We are the manager of our heart and of our emotions, and of the parts of us that are holding onto the trauma and the parts that are protecting ourselves by holding on in different ways. And so as we find that inner compass, we’re able to create safety in all of the systems and creating safety in our internal system, can create it in our family and in the world.”

“It’s really the way we can heal. Nothing outside of us can do it for us. It’s our work to do, and that’s very empowering and beautiful.”

“Take deep breaths, take time in nature, find out what things help you feel calm and help you feel better and feed you just like you would find out what your child likes or what your plant needs to grow”

“When you take a walk to sort something out, that is literally therapy, because the movement of your feet back and forth is helping your mind untangle and process emotions and thoughts and feelings.”


Meet Our Specialists

We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities that mean you can place your trust in them. All of our clinicians are culturally competent and aware professionals who value diversity and the dignity and worth of the human soul. You can expect our clinicians to be welcoming, non-judgmental, and genuine people who are well-prepared to walk alongside you on your journey.

Kasia Caldwell


Andrea Garn


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LMSW- Intern, CADC

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What Our Clients Say

" ... is a wonderful, caring, insightful and loving person. We are working on issues I know I would never have made it through without her. I look forward to seeing her each week in spite of it not being an easy journey. She has taught me a lot of what I need to know in order to grow.”

"Never enough solutions out there, more organizations out there like this helping people the better.”

"...is an amazing therapist. She's incredible at helping you work through social concerns and job related stresses. I feel better after working with her."

"I’m about 2 years “post therapy” and I’m thriving due to Kasia. She gave me the tools and the best perspective to live life to the fullest. I don’t feel like I’m surviving life but living it. I have been to a few therapist and her way is the most effective, just trust the process."


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Our clinicians provide in person and telehealth sessions from our confidential offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada in the downtown medical district. Our central location makes attending therapy convenient from anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley.

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